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Simon Andrews Photography
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The phtographs on this page represet a few of the shots by Simon Andrews Photography. Most were taken while traveling with his wife through Thailand, India and Laos, while living in Japan, in his home country of England and in his new home in Colorado.

The shiny new Tuk Tuk was not ridden in by Simon Andrews photography but the frinedly monk with the cell phone did happily pose for him. The old lady in red is one of Simon Andrews' favourite pictures As too is the Columbine, taken in Yankee Boy Basin, near Ouray, Colorado. The lady in Red was taken in Gokarna India and sitting in an unobtrusive vantage point the timing and the light worked well to display the colors to their best. The subject has no connection to Simon Andrews.

Another favourite is the sepia colored picture taken in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Simon Andrews and his wife Corinne took the trip to celebrate 5 years of marriage. The challenge in Mesa Verde is hiding the crowds of people and also the fact that you have to take the tour of some of the dwellings in groups and are not free to roam around at will.

Photography isn't taking Simon Andrews to new places, because we go there anyway, but it does help to recall the places we've been.