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Welcome to Simon Andrews' Photography website. The photography on this site represents a very small sample of photographs Simon Andrews has taken on an extended visit through Japan, Thailand, Laos, and India with his wife Corinne. They decided not to visit Burma after a conversation with a volunteer helping Burmese refugees on the Thai border. Tourist money spent in Burma will go in part to help fund the regime that controls the country. An amazing country and people, but don't go, just don't. Not yet!

Most of Simon's efforts these days are on his sister site as a Colorado Springs wedding and portrait photographer. More recent photographs are posted there, including the weddings and portraits I've been shooting recently. I've now shot quite a few weddings at the Air Force Academy and the senior business is heating up too. Most surprising is the actors contacting me for headshots. He says "It seems the photographers in town don't specialize in headshot, while I enjoy it immensely!"

The photography gallery is based on scriptaculous and utilizes a flower blossom script. As far as I know it had not been done by anyone else when it was added. It uses a few different technologies to create the effect. I don't know if you'll like it but I can tell you Simon Andrews sure does!

You'll notice I'm often referring to myself in the third person. Theres a good reason for that but it's technical and kind of dull. Needless to say I was most shocked to see that I'm no longer ranking up there when a search for 'Simon Andrews' is made on the major engines. I know a few people have stumbled here from a quick Google of my name, why anyone would do this I'm not sure but if you entered Simon Andrews photography without the photography, I came second after the dot com stamp collector. Now there's singers and bike racers all playing at owning my name and that's not cool. There can be only one! Now all I have to get is a samurai sword and a magic potion to make me invincible. Hello to all the other Simon Andrews' out there. Aren't we a successful bunch ;)

The things you do to keep our self up in the rankings!